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RSVP: info@elmi.co.za Running time:  17:30 – 19:30  1) Introductions  (17:30 – 17:45) 2) Formal Presentation  (17:45 – 18:20) 3) Creative Activity  (18:20 – 18:50) 4) Refreshments (18:50 – 19:00) 5) Q & A and further discussions  (19:00 – 19:30)


  Weekly info evenings: 17:30 for 18:00 with the presentation lasting 30 minutes and campus tours roughly 15 minutes The Saturday Session: 09:00 for 9:30 with presentation lasting 30 minutes and campus tours roughly 15 minutes RSVP:  HibanaD@elmi.co.za info@elmi.co.za Agenda of event: Signing register and Welcome Lecturer introductions Course and faculty overview (Presentation) Q&A with […]

6 Surprising Facts about CompTIA Certified Employees

In an ever-changing IT industry, the skills IT professionals need to do their job well are constantly evolving, and adding certifications to your business can be a critical component of success. According to CompTIA, “Organizations increasingly view certifications as an indicator of the qualification of their applicants when looking for the right candidate to fill […]

5 Reasons To Consider A Career In HR

They’re the strangers that come in to fix employee problems and workplace issues; the faceless department upstairs in charge of morale and performance reviews. But they’re also the team taken for granted when the business is running smoothly, tirelessly working behind the scenes to hold the business together. If a business is a machine, then […]