Pick-up Clean-up Green-up

By now you will have gathered that our students are out of this world, and so the next bit of news may or may not be of any surprise to you. Have you ever walked, run, driven or cycled the block between St Georges Street, Oxford Street, St James Street and King Street? If you have, then you will know the immense volumes of litter that can accumulate and subsequently be found in and amongst all of those points

Drumroll please… and allow us to introduce the Pick-up Clean-up Green-up project (PCG)! An incredible and tremendously successful project and a simple initiative that we are proud to say will now be an annual drive on the ELMI College Calendar. PCG is the brainchild of some of ELMI College’s 2016 second year Graphic Design students.

Never in the history of rubbish collection have we ever seen 25+ 16 – 30 year olds as excited as the ELMI College students and staff were to collect rubbish in Southernwood – all in the name of a cleaner, greener East London. The clean-up was opened up to local businesses and churches in the area. The students encountered and braved severely mouldy foods, used diapers, maggots, used condoms, dead cats, rats and various other gruesome trash we’d rather not mention to spare your stomach. In two hours, more than 60 black bin bags filled to the brim with garbage were collected.

The campaign hopes to create awareness and action and suggests that if we act together, cleaning “one block at a time” we can restore a cleaner and greener environment.

For years to come, ELMI College will continue to challenge all East London business owners, landlords, tenants, churches and education institutions to take responsibility for the cleanliness of our beautiful city.