Hundreds of thousands of students countrywide dream of obtaining a recognised and accredited educational qualification, sadly however; due to various divergent circumstances, many only dream of graduating and the reality of such an achievement is often seldom achieved. Staying true to our slogan “Dream it – Do it – Be it” at ELMI College we know and believe that each and every student who enrols with us has graduating as the end goal; and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We know the vast amounts of hard work that each and every one of our students puts in to achieve this goal and that is one of the reasons why we put so much into our annual grad ceremony.

The purpose of this fine evening in any year, is not only for us as the staff and the families of these students to celebrate and acknowledge the students’ achievements, but also for the student to acknowledge and revel in their successes, it’s all about honour and validation. The graduation ceremony for the class of 2015 was held on 3 May 2016; at what was and is still undeniably one of the most outstanding venues The Dirty East aka Slum Town has to offer; The Guild Theatre. Our guest speaker on the night was the highly esteemed & acclaimed Professor Dovhani Thakhathi and our students as well as invited guests lavished in the prowess of his repertoire in rhetoric.

Although ELMI College endeavours to celebrate its students, new and old – year round; Grad night is the one night that the students and lecturers who have played a vital role in getting our graduates to this point in their academic careers can really sit back and pride themselves in the fine, unparalleled attainment of their successes.