Leaver’s Dance

We can’t stress enough how vital it is as a young adult to learn the importance of how to strike a balance between work and play, so events such as the ELMI College Leavers Dance which was held on Friday 16 September 2016 is one of the many ways in which we aim to help our students let their hair down every now and again. The Leavers Dance is one of the more elegant evening events on the annual ELMI College calendar. An evening of dressing up and fine dining, followed by kicking off our shoes and taking to the dance floor with our best moves… or our two left feet!

We know and understand the various pressures faced by today’s youth and so the evening is just to reassure our students that they’re running a good race, and encourage them to keep their heads up. The evening was held in the dazzling East London Golf Course. Inhibitions were packed away, the students and the Dream Team dressed up – we were all looking rather dapper and/or funky. We took loads of crazy and super cool photos in the photo booth – because what’s an evening out on the town without photos. We ate, we laughed, we danced, we were merry and bold and every now and again we all look back on that night and say, “That was fantastic”.

To our extraordinary final year students of 2016; the Leaver’s Dance is an acknowledgement that it’s nearly time for you to Graduate and move on. We have every confidence in the fact that you will, and although it is a bittersweet moment for us when you do, we know you will all fly. You’ve come full circle! You did Dream it and then Do it (you are currently), it’s now time for you to Be it too. Thank you for trusting us and allowing us be a part of your dream chasing journey.