Meet Lwazi

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and, well; life is funny in that we learn, take in and grow as much from our students as they do from us – it’s an ELMI College way of life. There are so many extraordinary, aspirational, inspirational students, young and old; who sit in our lecture rooms from day to day – each one with an incredibly captivating story to tell. 22-year-old Lwazi Nqumaza is one of those students. Anyone who has come across Lwazi will describe him as shy, humble, soft spoken, always in the background, always willing to lend a helping hand, and you can see he thinks before he speaks.

Lwazi grew up in a very small village, just outside of East London along the R72 road called Ncera. It’s become a little bit of an affectionate way for his fellow students to poke fun at him, he grew up herding livestock. After grade 12, Lwazi started working as a packer at a supermarket chain, and whilst doing other small after hour jobs on the side he was promoted to be a cashier. That’s when he started saving every cent he could to pay for his tuition.


Lwazi’s passion lies in agriculture – farming cattle and crops. He tells us that he has already identified a piece of land that, with the help of his qualification, he has begun developing a business plan for. As a joke, we asked him why on earth he didn’t just stay in the village and pursue his dream, “why come all the way into the city for an education only to go back to the village”. He smiled; then told us he knows that a quality education, such as the one he is currently in pursuit of, is one of the keys to opening up the many doors that the future holds for him. He wants to see his village and its people whom he loves so dearly, lifted out of the poverty stricken state they’re currently in and to one day be a major supplier of locally grown organic food to cities such as East London. Lwazi wants to be an inspiration to his community, a person who provides solutions and hope for those around him. He currently works odd jobs to assist in funding his studies. He thrives off being self-sufficient. Though he’s not a millionaire yet, he dreams of one day being financially independent and ploughing back into the community.

Lwazi is such a go getter and we’re proud to have him as part of our ELMI family. He definitely lives out the Dream it – Do it – Be it legacy.