Have you seen our latest crazy campaign on FaceBook? We’re starting 2017 in party mode with a Popcorn party! Starting at 9.00am on 4 January and then every weekday from 9.00am to 12.00pm until 18 January 2017, we will be serving a bag of popcorn to every potential student who visits our campus for a consult and brings the FaceBook popcorn ticket with them.

Our consultants and welcome committee can’t wait to show you around the campus and give you more information about our many study options.

Please visit our FaceBook page to get your ticket.

PS… only one bag per person, we have so many friends to share the love with – we don’t want to run out! And we can only pop in the mornings – afternoons are when we plan the fun times ahead for the rest of the year (although you’re always welcome to come in for a chat regardless of time of day).

See you soon!