Welcome to the most supportive IT community in East London!! If you consider yourself a bit of an IT geek, a tech savvy Steve, gaming guru or even just someone that doesn’t quite fit the mould, you’ve found home! We know that in our tech driven society, IT students are in high demand and you’re on your way to that high paying job. And our community is here to get you there at a clock speed of 3.0GHz!! But the process of becoming a computer guru will not be without a bit of fun and comradery along the way….

Here’s why the ELMI IT experience is so awesome:

State of the Art Laboratories

Think the latest and greatest. Our laboratories are fully equipped with state of the art monitors and equipment [ your inner IT nerd will do backflips!!]. The laboratory will give you the tools necessary to really hone your skills and give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the rest. ELMI is also an authorised Pearson Vue and ICDL Test Centre, meaning international standards. Hello, Silicon Valley!

Lan Nights

Monster energy drinks, onesies and Call of Duty! A room full of connected computers. Howls of frustration as gamers are dominated in scoreboards, or enthusiastic fist pumps when they make a kill. The joys, trials and tribulations of an all-night LAN with classmates is hard to describe. If you don’t know yet, LAN, is an event where people come together with their gaming PCs to play games in the same space, usually until late at night. And it is one of many perks of being an IT student at ELMI.

Individual Attention

You are never just a number! Unlike large, impersonal colleges you will get individual attention from your lecturers. Not only will it be less intimidating to ask any question you like, but your lecturers will be able to identify areas in which you need help and give you the time and attention you need to succeed. This means less chance of failure! You definitely won’t be doing this alone.

Awesome Campus Experience

Think pool tables, fully stocked cafeteria, free WIFI and friendly classmates. The Elmi campus experience is warm and welcoming. You won’t just feel part of our IT community, but learn to know our broader, amazing Elmi family too! Plus, there are loads of fun events organized throughout the year for you to enjoy. Trips to the beach, Vibe days, Leavers Dances and Mad hatter’s parties to name a few! No need to hide out in the lab [ although we wouldn’t blame you if you did!!].

Learn from the Best to be the Best

Lastly, put most importantly, you are here for a quality education! To learn new skills or update your knowledge in the fascinating and fast paced world of IT. And there is no better place to do so. Our courses are internationally recognized, and our staff are industry leaders and accredited trainers. And not to mention, pretty cool too.

If you’re new to ELMI, or thinking of joining our community… welcome home, friend! We’re so happy to have you here.

Want to learn more about our IT Faculty? Get More Information here: https://elmi.co.za/the-faculty-of-information-technology/