16 February 2018

It feels good to be at the top. Being the boss not only means better office views, but more success, money and prestige. And let’s not forget those all-inclusive holidays to Mauritius!

But climbing the corporate ladder to success may seem like a mammoth task. You may even think one limited to geniuses and the very well connected. And, if anything, totally out of reach for a small towner. We’re here to shatter those myths.

Despite what you’ve been led to believe, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room and have the best connections to get ahead. Anyone can rise to the top, but you do have to go the extra mile. It’s not enough to do the tasks outlined in your job description. To move up the ranks, you need to stand out!

Here’s how anyone can catapult themselves to the top of the corporate ladder:

# 1 – When Opportunity Knocks

Open the door! Get involved in as many good opportunities and initiatives as you can. Yes, this means leaving your cube and little corner of the building. In order to conquer the corporate game of thrones, you need to expand your territory, all the while exceling in every conquest. New project or training event? Raise your hand! As you get involved in all aspects of the company, you’ll quickly gain a deeper understanding of how it runs, meet others who can offer new perspectives and ultimately increase your value.

# 2 – Be Innovative

Solve a problem. This is a surefire way to get on an executive’s radar. Identify real world issues in your company and come up with practical and workable solutions. Do your homework properly. And when you have a thorough plan in place, speak up! Just because you’re a plankton in the corporate food chain, it doesn’t mean your ideas aren’t valuable. Even if your manager doesn’t implement your ideas at first, at the very least you’ll get noticed.

# 3- Learn More to Earn More

In the race to get ahead, knowledge is power. Set yourself up for growth. Truly good employees are always learning, relentlessly refreshing and updating their skills and honing their craft through courses, training events and seminars. Whatever you do, don’t pigeonhole yourself. Upskilling will place you ahead of your peers.

# 4- Go Above and Beyond and Then Some More

Showing up on time and meeting deadlines is all good and well. But you’re not going to be the next rising star of the corporate world. Do more than what is asked, period. Always be the first to lend a helping hand. Ask your supervisor for new projects. Make recommendations. For executives looking to promote employees, identifying standouts is easier than you think because the most eligible employees do everything with a brand of excellence.

#5- Play well with your colleagues

Yes, the big shots upstairs are watching you. Watching how you interact, connect with and work within a team. And it’s not enough to be a team player. Be the employee who coaches and mentors the people around you. Be someone your team relies on for guidance and assistance. And lastly, never forget this point -those who think and act abundantly and give to others will always find a way to succeed.

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