Forget the starving artist! These days you don’t have to be an office drone or work in the sciences to rake in the bucks. If you’re creative to the core, there are plenty of high paying jobs that will allow you to flex your creative muscles AND get you paid. Throw in some tech skills, and you’ll be on your way to a seriously lucrative career [ and we’re talking about R400k annually lucrative!]. So long ‘Get a Real Job’ talk! Of course, to earn the highest creative salaries you’ll need some experience and strong skills to boot. But with the right courses and training, it’s possible, and without a doubt a rewarding path to choose.

Here are some of the highest paying jobs for creatives:

Art director

Want to combine leadership with creativity skills? Then aim for the prestigious title of art director! As an art director, you’ll oversee all your company’s creative projects from start to finish. You’ll decide on the overall design and visual style of the images in magazines, product packaging and television productions and direct others who develop artwork or layouts. And you’ll earn a pretty penny for it, of up to R450 000 per year.

Graphic Designer

Think the brains behind the golden arches of McDonalds or the yes tick of Nick! As a Graphic Designer and visual communicator, you’ll make a company recognizable. Combining the exciting worlds of art and technology, you’ll create ideas and concepts through images. Your work will include everything from print designs for ads and packaging labels to logos, fonts, shapes and even animations and desktop publishing. With a solid certificate in Graphic Design and experience, expect to earn up to R300 000 annually.

Digital Designer/ Web Designer

Web pages, websites, emails, infographics and icons. If it’s in the digital sphere, you’ll help design it! As a digital designer, you’ll turn creative inspiration and vision into a practical solution to get the message across on screen. And you will work alongside marketing, social media, and communication teams to express their ideas or pass on information. Expect to earn a similar salary to that of a graphic designer, of up to R300 000 a year.

Marketing Manager

Why choose between a business career and a creative one when you can combine both? As a marketing manager, you’ll essential be the company’s promotional “brain” and they’ll rely on your talents and expertise to deliver new ideas and solutions to market their brand in the most effective way. And your managerial responsibilities have the potential to be seriously lucrative. Senior marketing managers can expect to earn up to R700 000 a year. Who ever said creative careers couldn’t pay the bills?!

Video Game Creator

Love to play video games as much as we do? As a video game creator, you will have the fun task of imagining and planning new games from scratch. You’ll design core features including role play mechanics, story lines and character biographics and work with production staff throughout the development process. The result? Your very own video game and some serious bragging rights. Not to mention, earnings of up to R400 000 per annum!

Interior Designer

Do you find yourself passionately rearranging your room? Obsess about beautiful homes on Pinterest? As an interior designer, you’ll get to design and decorate dream houses, bringing exciting style ideas to life and creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. You’ll plan, research, coordinate and manage a variety of projects and will need a multitude of skills from logical thinking to people skills. But with a national diploma in Interior Design and lots of experience, you’ll be rewarded beautifully for all your hard work. Expect to can earn up to R360 000 a year!

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