It’s official- moms can do just about anything. Lug 15 full grocery bags and a baby into the house? Done. Clean a house in five minutes before the in- laws arrive? You bet. And yes, even find a way to juggle bookkeeping studies, a full- time job AND a family life.

Granted, its not always easy. But in the end, moms have this incredible ability (we’d like to think superpower) to rise to the challenge, to make it work, to come out on top! And the reward for all their hard work and persistence? A fully accredited, in- demand qualification, the makings of a successful bookkeeping career and most importantly, a better life for their children.

But don’t just take our word for it. It helps to know that real- life, ICB accredited working moms have walked this path before you…and thrived!

Ready to be inspired? A few of our amazing moms share their ICB Bookkeeping Success Stories with us:

A New Direction

“After my daughter was born I wanted a career change and to study again, but was a little unsure of what direction to take. My husband suggested bookkeeping. Studying through the ICB has opened up a new world of opportunity to me. The course is practical and has given me the knowledge I needed to make a career change. AND it has restored my confidence – I have realized that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have recently started my first job in accounting at Eastern Cape Accounting & Tax (ECAT) in Humansdorp”
Tersia van Wyk de Vries: Bookkeeper

A Successful Role Transition

“Since studying part-time, I’ve changed roles within my company from Assistant Student Bookkeeper to Senior Bookkeeper, and managing the finances for the company. Studying, working and being with my family has been very rewarding. And knowing that I can do it and be an example for my daughter.”
Bronwyn Welgemoed: Senior Bookkeeper

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

“I want to encourage women from all walks of life not to abandon their aspirations. I have to acknowledge that the ICB gave me a very strong foundation in all that I have managed to achieve today. I was a mother, wife and career woman and I also worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder to the position of General Manager – Finance & Corporate services. Now I am in my final year for the Masters in Business Administration.”
Claris Mugodo: General Manager

More Confidence

“Studying with the ICB has given me more self confidence at work and at home. Before, I had self-doubt and thought I was not educated enough to take on tasks. Now I will try to do anything that is given to me. And my goal is to work in the accounting field. If you are thinking of studying bookkeeping don’t think. Just do it! You will not regret your choice.”
Showneaz Smith: Receptionist

The Road to Success

“I was the youngest in my group and pregnant, but that did not stop me from achieving my goals and obtaining my qualification, in fact it motivated me to work ten times harder than everyone and that makes me very proud! I am currently busy with my dissertation, and the good news is I’m half way through it and once that is done and dusted I will be getting my Financial Accounting Diploma!”
Seithati Thamae: Student

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