Join us on Friday, 23 November, to celebrate and view the work compiled by our Graphic Design Students of Class 2018.


Come join us for the love of Creative Art with our fellow East London Community Members, Industry Experts and talented Students!


Friday, 23 November 2018

ELMI Graphic Design Studios



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Come and celebrate our young, talented students!


Introducing our Class of 2018



Sibusiso Sicolo, 21

My name is Sibusiso Sicolo. I am 21 years old.

Sbu’s main focus is on the branding side of Graphic Design, but might branch into animation and typography. Only a student, but already doing business cards and logo designs for interested parties.

From Sbu himself – “Something I enjoy the most is drawing. Whenever I produce a piece of artwork, I feel like I’ve just conquered the world – especially when I see people’s reactions to it. I’ll admit that it can be stressful at times but that stress wouldn’t even be there, if I didn’t care about what I was doing in the first place; and to be honest, those stressful times are what teaches me new lessons.”

Courtney Partridge, 20

Courteny’s interests lies in photography, creative editing and creating designs for merchandise. Her main influence is creative YouTubers, Art YouTubers and Photographers, such as Avara Creative, Peter McKinnon, Mango Street, Brandon Woffel, Drawing wiff Waffles, Jel Arts and Kirsty Partridge.

What makes her tick? “When it comes to photo editing, the idea that I can create something new and wondrous with a single press of a button.”

Abongile Wongama, 23

Abongile is interested in Movie Poster Design, Binge watching TV series and Powerpoint designs. Her graphic design focus is Web, Editorial Design and Branding.

When asked what makes her tick; “Pinterest, Vector art, Memes.”

Athandazile Sifatyi, 22

Atha is quite a reserved person who has a keen interest in graphics and visual arts. She is passionately driven and dedicated about what she does. Her skills are Multi Media Design, Talented Sketcher and Illustrator.

She is strongly influenced by Sakhile Belle, Viljoen Mathias and Mandilakhe Mkhosana as they made her grow artistically; “They taught me to stay in my own lane and never want to be anyone else but myself.”

What makes her tick: “The ability to successfully solve any problem by paying close attention to the smallest of details. I can analyze anything and devise a way to make it better.”

Ronzano Rooiberg, 21

Ronzano is interested in photography, videography, music and personal fitness training. His Graphic Design Focus is New Media which includes Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Desktop Publishing and Corporate Identity.

When asked what makes him tick: “Getting stuck into a creative brief or project that challenges me and allows me to incorporate an utilize my personal knowledge and interests.“

Mahira Booysen, 22

Mahira is interested in fine art, traveling and photography with her main Graphic Design focus on creating unique and beautiful work.

Art and coffee is what makes her tick.

Damon Velde, 20

Damon’s interests are art expeditions, gaming, movies, exploring nature and swimming.

His Graphic Design focus and main influence are “All things Photoshop and Artists in history.”

What makes him tick is seeing all the amazing and inspiring designs of other designers today, which is mostly seen on Behance.

Megan Johl, 20

Megan’s interests are illustrations, researching graphic design tips and tricks so she can improve her work, Typography, Illustration, Branding, Posters, Editorial design, Layouts, Photography, Photoshop, InDesign.

What makes her tick is wanting the self-improvement within herself and to show off what makes her happy.

Savannah Bridger, 20

Savannah’s says when she is not designing or painting, she loves to bake, crochet, read and travel.

Her graphic design focus is typography, photoshop and everything print based.

When asked what makes her tick: “I am motivated by the need to always better myself and give my best in every way possible.”

Angelique van Rooyen, 21

Angelique’s main graphic design focus and influence, according to her is “Over the past two years I have developed a love for video production and logo design. I am influenced by everyday things, they inspire me in the weirdest ways to create the weirdest things. Little things like the frayed edge of a towel have contributed to my current graphic design style. When an artwork comes together, when a logo looks just right and when I get a motion to flow properly in a video. The process itself is what makes me tick.

Kayla Crafford, 20

Kayla’s main graphic design would be all the Artists and Creatives who have come before her. “There is so much to learn from them and they teach you a new perspective when it comes to design. Picasso once said “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”

What makes her tick? The idea of being able to create something new and exciting or having the opportunity to improve upon her skills and widen her knowledge.

Kirsten Muzorewa, 20

Kirsten is interested in comics, sci-fi movies, astronomy, cooking and books, with her main Graphic Design interests being Illustration and Pastel.

Dillon Augustine, 20

Dillon is inspired by his love for Graphic Design and any opportunity to continually be a better version of himself. His interests lies in Sci-Fi TV Series/Movies, music and illustrating.

His Graphic Design Focus is Illustration, Logo Design, Corporate Identity, 2D Animation and Video Editing