Deciding what career path to follow can be a daunting task.  Paying the bills is a short term and necessary requirement when deciding what to study, but long term career growth – ensuring you are in demand and therefore securing your future is really the end goal.

As everyone is well aware, Information Technology is a rapidly growing industry offering numerous opportunities and where higher salaries are often given to those with a proven set of skills. With no signs of the growth and demand in the industry slowing down, long term career prospects of job satisfaction and job security are guaranteed.  With Microsoft certifications, you are able to take advantage of these opportunities. Certification is an ongoing process and as most people know by now you never stop learning in the IT industry as technology and innovation is always on the move and at the forefront of what we do.

Therefore, let us have a look at the five Benefits to getting Microsoft Certified and keeping your skill set current.

1: Business Success deeply depends on Technology

Most businesses today are highly dependent on Technology not just to function but also to reach new heights of success as well. From small to medium business to large companies alike, it is very common for technology to take centre stage in terms of business strategies and to offer the solutions required to solve problems faced in the current day and age.

According to some recent industry studies, more than 80% of companies say that a lack of IT skills affects at least one area of their business operations. As we become more and more dependent on computers so do more and more people need certain skills at varies level. For example, it is one thing to claim that you are computer literate but it goes a long way to have a certification behind you to proof it. A company is much more at ease and likely to hire an IT professional that has a proven record of accomplishment and holding a current Microsoft Certification.


2: Knowledge is always Power

The knowledge of an employee is directly responsible for the way a business operates in many IT areas. It is therefore not surprising that that nearly all IT managers hold the belief that certificates are an important part of their teams overall performance.

Their skills and knowledge directly affect what solutions they can put on the table and ensure high availability of IT resources and plan for Business Continuity. This means less server and infrastructure downtime and the company also enjoy a better quality IT support service. These have more benefits than the indirect and direct costs associated with the certifications. For example, what is the cost to a company to send an employee on a 5-day training course versus having a 5-day downtime of servers and services? The answer is simple, the benefits always far outweighs the initial investment in your staff.

3: Increased Job Security and Productivity

Managers in hiring positions include having a certification as part of their hiring requirements. More than 50% of managers in IT hiring positions rate certifications as high value or extremely high value in terms of the validation of expertise and validation of skills of their candidates for jobs. They also place an emphasis on keeping skills and certifications current as the industry and demands in the business changes.

The main benefits to the company is a more productive IT team that has direct impact on employee productivity as well. The other benefit is that you have a reliable IT department that becomes an indispensable asset to the company’s operations.


4: Stand out from the crowd, be unique in your approach and skill set

Despite many other important qualities needed in IT staff such as dedication, perseverance an almost natural talent to troubleshoot problems and having the emotional intelligence to work under high-pressure scenarios, an employer will undoubtedly compare a candidate with various up to date Microsoft Certifications to a candidate with less certifications or none.

For a hiring manager the perceptions regarding certifications is that it shows a good work ethic and commitment from a perspective employee. It also shows that they are working in the company’s best interest by keeping their skills current to meet ever-changing demands. It makes it easier to place trust in an employee that has proven that they have the skills to do the job as well.

5: Certifications Increase Return on Investments, Improve Operations and promotes overall staff stability in terms of turnover

Most employees agree that if a company pays for their training and examinations they are likely to stay with a company, as it is mutually beneficial for both parties. The employee constantly gets to up skill and keep their certifications up to date, the employer has staff that is more productive and confident in their respective jobs, and roles that they need to perform.

Staff is also more likely to be promoted within the company and this leads to better job satisfaction. It also negates the feeling with IT staff that they need to find new work for a new challenge, this is dangerous as it often leads to frustration, disillusion towards the company or just staff burn out. All of which has the potential to cost the company in many ways.

Hiring new staff usually have a “teething period” so companies would love to keep their existing staff happy in a working system and promoting internally.


Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the industry needing to keep your skills and certifications up to date, or an IT professional whose career feels like it has stagnated in 2018, or you have recently entered the IT industry and would like your career to take off.  No matter where you are in your career, it is never too late to start or continue with your certifications.

Take advantage and come do the MCSA Server 2016 or MCSA SQL certification training. Already have the MCSA Server 2012, come and do the upgrade to Server 2016 course. Has your work recently started relying on Office 365 and the platforms it puts at the companies disposal? Well there is the MCSA Office 365 certification that can give you the skills to step up to the plate and move up within your organization.

Best part of it all is if your companies has Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) you can use that for coming on training at ELMI.

Make your new year’s resolution one that is important for your future: Get Certified in 2019!


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