Through the SAPS Academy All Saints – Bisho – ELMI has been able to donate over 60 pieces of computer hardware to the Qhibirha L/H Primary School. The Academy worked at identifying a school in need of support, particularly with regards to introducing computer technology to young learners.
On 5 November 2019, a ceremony was held at the Qhibirha L/H Primary School where monitors, keyboards and mice were donated by ELMI to the school in the establishment of an IT laboratory. The school has procured the services of an IT teacher through each household in the village and surrounds donating R40,00 per month towards covering the cost of the teacher.
What was the library at the school has been transformed into a computer laboratory with the library now being housed in a converted shipping container.
The introduction of the computer equipment means that learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 now have the opportunity to receive not only computer training but to also explore the world beyond the village in which they live through the internet, thus better preparing them for a technology-driven future.
Colonel Ndyoko – the head of SAPS Academy All Saints – spoke of champions in her speech, siting two officers in particular. For me, there are two sets of champions: the SAPS Academy All Saints for the work that they are currently doing and the learners at the school who are the champions of tomorrow.