You’re trying to decide where (and possibly what) to study and the options seem endless – how do you know which is the right study path for you? Attending a college is an investment in your future, but how do you ensure you get the best return on that investment?

The East London Management Institute (ELMI) was founded in 2008 with the belief that with the proper skills and guidance, any student can recognise their potential and realise their dreams.

Every day we help our students identify their strengths and sharpen their talents in order to become an asset to those they work with in future.

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose ELMI as your college:

1. Get a registered and industry-recognised qualification

ELMI is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private Higher Education Institution and accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) as a Private Higher Education Institution. We are also registered with the Council of Higher Education as a Private Higher Education Institution so you can be assured that your chosen qualification will be recognised and valued in your future line of work.

2. We are adaptable to your needs

We are agile enough to adapt to changes in the market as well as global changes like COVID-19. During the government instituted lockdown, where we were able to go online in a matter of weeks and continue the academic year for our students.

We have registered qualifications for those with or without Matric on hand for you to choose from. From customisable business skills courses to part-time and full-time qualifications in the following faculties:

We also have courses in Tourism and Hospitality and Digital Marketing on offer.

3. We help you choose a study path that is suited to you

Not sure what to study? No problem! You can visit our campus in Southernwood, East London and receive a personality and career assessment for free. Our friendly student advisors will chat with you about all the options you have available to you. You will also get a personality and career profile to complete which will help you to find out what you’re naturally good and what careers you’d be inclined towards.

4. Our past students recommend ELMI

There’s no better indicator of the quality of education you’ll receive at a college other than word of mouth from past students. ELMI has been described as ‘innovative’ and ‘the perfect part-time study solution while having a family and work commitments.’ An IT student said: ‘the lecturers at ELMI College are always there to help’ and an ICB student said ‘studying through ELMI College has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!’ Don’t take our word for it! Read more on our testimonials page.

5. We are affordable

Study at ELMI and you’ll get excellent value for money and the highest quality education possible for your fees. We have payment options for most of our qualifications which includes a cash option or a monthly payment plan. Chat to a student advisor for more information.

6. Be inspired by experienced professionals

Our lecturers go beyond the syllabus and into personal experience, bringing relevant knowledge to the classroom. We create first hand, real-world challenges that give students practical skills, as well as theoretical knowledge so you are confidently prepared for the working world.

7. Study whenever you want to

We offer part-time and full-time studies, to fit around your job or responsibilities. We also have options available that do not require a Matric for entrance. Don’t miss out on studying – sign up with ELMI today.

8. We empower our graduates for success in the working world

Our amazing team is passionate about inspiring, motivating and educating young people with love and care. We go out of our way to make sure learning is more than just a classroom experience.  ELMI College partners with locally owned East London businesses. Since 2011, these ongoing collaborations have inspired and prepared our students for the realities of the exciting world of work.

9. Get more than just a classroom experience

At ELMI, we organise events to inspire you to connect with like-minded individuals and professionals in your chosen industry. Events such as the SABC Careers Expo, Graphic Design Expo and Coffee & Croissants Networking events give you the opportunity to mingle with peers and make connections that could serve you well after graduation.

10. Make connections that last

At ELMI, you will get to know like-minded students from all over East London and South Africa. We limit the number of students per classroom so you’ll be given the time and attention you need to succeed.  What’s more, you’ll make friends easily with your tight-knit class during and after sessions at the many extra-curricular events ELMI provides.

Are you excited about starting your studying journey at ELMI College? Would you like to know more about our faculties and student life?

Fill in a contact form on our website and we’ll be in touch soon to make an appointment with you. Get free career guidance and a personality profile from an ELMI student advisor today!