Are you excited about working in the business world? Then ELMI’s Business programmes could be right for you! Learn how to manage people, processes and how to communicate professionally in a business environment.

Get your foot in the door of the Business and Management industry with ELMI College East London’s full and part time courses in the various sectors of business management, from project management to human resource management, and from public relations to business management.

At ELMI we provide you with the Further Education and National Certificates you need in your chosen field to make your mark in the business and management sector. Whether you’re working in a team to keep a business running like a well oiled machine, or you’re starting and managing your own business, you’ll be well trained and equipped with our qualifications.

Our students are given the best possible start with hands-on teaching from experts and experienced professionals in the business and management sector, teaching you the management and interpersonal skills required to successfully work with and manage others in a business.