The year-end exams are close and if you have not registered at a Cambridge Assessment Centre yet, now is your chance. At only R2500,00 for external students, ELMI is the campus of choice to sit your exams.

ELMI is a registered exam centre for CAIE with dedicated exam rooms and trained invigilators. We are also able to cater for students with concessions, believing that it is the student’s right to sit an exam in the most conducive conditions.

The closing date for exam registration is 12 August 2019 so book your exam session with us now!

Complete the form below and we will contact you.

ELMI is a registered venue for CAIE independent learners and can host all non-practical exams; exams where no scientific practical aspect (physical science, biology or music, or spoken language) is required.

We also offer guidance through the registration process to ensure all goes well.

Interesting fact: Candidates that are not sitting the same subject or any subjects that are a disallowed combination in a single exam series, are allowed to sit different subjects at different centres.

Note: Afrikaans , Development Studies & Commerce are only done in the Oct/ Nov session.


All subjects which do not have a practical component or a coursework component can be written at our centre.


Art & Design IGCSE: R3 000. 00
A, AS & IGCSE: R2 500.00

The fees include the following costs;
1) CAIE registration fees
2) Handling fees
3) Invigilation fees
4) Courier costs


  • Complete the registration form. Click here to download
  • Make payment into the following bank account:
      Bank: ABSA
      Account Name: East London Management Institute
      Account Number: 4074057229
      Branch Code: 632005
      Reference: Candidate name and surname
  • Attach the following documents to the registration form:
    1. Proof of payment
    2. Copy of candidates ID
  • Deliver the completed form with all the attachments to ELMI


Exam sittingDue Date
October/November12 August 2019

Please be advised that late entries are subject to late entry fees as stipulated by Cambridge.


  • Once registrations have been processed and submitted to CAIE, a statement of entry will be e-mailed to candidates.
  • The Statement of Entry must be checked to ensure that the candidate is registered for the correct subjects and confirmation of correctness must be e-mailed back to ELMI. If no response is received from the candidate by the date stipulated in the correspondence, it will be assumed that the Statement of Entry is correct.
  • Any registration errors and timetable clashes must be reported to ELMI immediately.
  • Failure to identify and report problems regarding the Statement of Entry may result in the candidate forfeiting the examination fees.


  • Candidates will receive an examination timetable with scheduled dates and times for exams via e-mail from ELMI
  • Please note that the timetable will contain all the subjects being written at the exam centre and it is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that they arrive for their exams on the correct day and at the correct time.


  • Candidates must ensure that they arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination.
  • Candidates who are writing at ELMI for the first time must report to the examinations officer before their first examination.
  • Candidates must familiarise themselves with the examination rules printed on the back of the statement of entry.
  • Candidates must make sure that the following items are brought to all examinations:
    1. A green bar-coded ID, ID CARD or Birth Certificate
    2. A CAIE Statement of Entry
    3. Any stationery required to write the examination. Please be advised that an HB pencil is required for all multiple-choice components.


  • All CAIE exams are marked and moderated in the UK and the results are then released directly to ELMI. The Provisional Results are released online whilst the Statements of Results and final CAIE Certificates are couriered to Exam Centres once the review procedure has been completed. The Provisional Results will be e-mailed to candidates by ELMI.
  • The approximate staggered release dates for the various examination courses and sittings are as follows:
Exam SittingProvisional (Online)Statement (Couriered)Certificate (Couriered)
October/NovemberEarly February 2020Mid February 2020End April 2020
  • Students will be notified of the arrival of Statements of Results and Certificates via e-mail. Students will be required to sign for the original documents once they have received them.
  • CAIE DOES NOT provide duplicates in the event of loss or damage to the original documents. Students are advised to make use of certified copies of the Statement of Results and the Certificates whilst storing the originals in a safe place.
  • Review Procedure: If the results received are notably lower than anticipated, there are official channels available to you to register a query. CAIE will only process requests submitted by the examination centre and before the deadline date which is normally four weeks after results are released. The first step in this process is to contact the Administrator who will explore the various options with you before any official review procedure is initiated.