Market and Open Day

15 October 2016 was the day that the brilliant ELMI College 2016 N5 students, with the help of their tremendously dedicated lecturers, hosted a fantastic second annual ELMI College Market and Open Day. It’s the first time in our history that we’ve held the open and market days together – and it was superb! The event was held on our very own campus in Upper Oxford Street.

The purpose of the Market Day was to expose the students to the practical side of the business studies and entrepreneurship module in their curriculum. They were put to the test by drawing up business plans, sourcing capital, implementing their business ideas and selling to the East London community. The Open Day presented an opportunity for potential students to be shown our friendly campus by the Dream Team (AKA ELMI College staff) and introduce some of the cool study options available for full time and part time in 2017.



Although the Market Day forms part of the practical element of their studies, the build up to as well as the actual day also served to empower the students and help them realise that they can indeed do great things. The Dream Team does everything with love; we believe in the power of the tool that is education, but education on its own is not enough. So we assist by facilitating, advising and guiding the students to see that their business ideas flourished; taking the classroom educational component into the real world to further empower and uplift them. We believe in teaching how to think, not what to think. Let’s face it, our country needs entrepreneurs and innovators. We know that a well thought out, practical, skills development component is imperative to the success of our students.

There were also external stall holders as part of the day. They had loads of fun and made good money too. Lazy Days provided entertainment for the day. We did indeed have good times, good vibes and good jams.

We’re so proud of our students and the way in which they’re committed to making their dreams come true. Taking ownership of what’s theirs and making the most out of the resources and opportunities presented to them. They pulled out all the stops selling delicious treats, funky crafts and washing cars.

If you missed it, don’t fret, you can catch us in 2017, it’s only going to get bigger and better each year.

Leaver’s Dance

We can’t stress enough how vital it is as a young adult to learn the importance of how to strike a balance between work and play, so events such as the ELMI College Leavers Dance which was held on Friday 16 September 2016 is one of the many ways in which we aim to help our students let their hair down every now and again. The Leavers Dance is one of the more elegant evening events on the annual ELMI College calendar. An evening of dressing up and fine dining, followed by kicking off our shoes and taking to the dance floor with our best moves… or our two left feet!

We know and understand the various pressures faced by today’s youth and so the evening is just to reassure our students that they’re running a good race, and encourage them to keep their heads up. The evening was held in the dazzling East London Golf Course. Inhibitions were packed away, the students and the Dream Team dressed up – we were all looking rather dapper and/or funky. We took loads of crazy and super cool photos in the photo booth – because what’s an evening out on the town without photos. We ate, we laughed, we danced, we were merry and bold and every now and again we all look back on that night and say, “That was fantastic”.

To our extraordinary final year students of 2016; the Leaver’s Dance is an acknowledgement that it’s nearly time for you to Graduate and move on. We have every confidence in the fact that you will, and although it is a bittersweet moment for us when you do, we know you will all fly. You’ve come full circle! You did Dream it and then Do it (you are currently), it’s now time for you to Be it too. Thank you for trusting us and allowing us be a part of your dream chasing journey.


ELMI’s vision of Dream it – Do it – Be it; is more than a framed picture on the wall of the institution, it’s a legacy that we believe in and live by whole heartedly each passing day. In order to help young adults to identify their dreams so that they can pursue them, ELMI offers a number of initiatives to the scholars in and around East London.

ELMI College delivers the innovative, interactive and super fun CREW (Career Readiness Workshops) during the June/July school holidays. These three day workshops, offered free of charge to Grade 12’s, give these soon to be students the opportunity to test their interest, skill and ability in a variety of fields. The aim is to help the individual identify which course/s or field/s of study best suits them.




Budding Graphic designers spread their creative wings delving into the finer aspects of Photoshop, whilst IT Whizzkids busy themselves in the Computer Workshop studying wireless networking and security. The Financial, Marketing, HR and Business learners familiarise themselves with Essential Entrepreneurship, Business, Sales and Marketing Workshops.

Some of the scholars who attended the 2016 CREW had this to say after the three days was up:

“I just want to take this moment to say thanks for the best three days of my life not only were they educational but fun too…” Kyle Thatchell – Greenpoint Secondary School

“I made new friends that I know I can keep for a long time all thanks to you guys…” Sisabonga Ndamane – Queenstown Girls’ High School

“The CREW workshop was worth me always being on Dolly’s case about inviting me, please tell her I’m sorry as I really wanted to be a part of this workshop, it was incredible…” Cwayita Silinga – Hudson Park High School

“The crew taught me a lot of things about what kind of person I really am and what kind of field is better for me and now I’m sure marketing is my calling all thanks to Dolly and Abi, you guys really played a huge role in my future I’m so thankful…” Lutholwethu Gafini – Dale College Boys’ High School

“I just want to say please DON’T STOP what you guys are doing, as it does make a difference in people’s lives “DREAM IT DO IT BE IT”…” Bongani Mxinwa – Cambridge High School


Hundreds of thousands of students countrywide dream of obtaining a recognised and accredited educational qualification, sadly however; due to various divergent circumstances, many only dream of graduating and the reality of such an achievement is often seldom achieved. Staying true to our slogan “Dream it – Do it – Be it” at ELMI College we know and believe that each and every student who enrols with us has graduating as the end goal; and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We know the vast amounts of hard work that each and every one of our students puts in to achieve this goal and that is one of the reasons why we put so much into our annual grad ceremony.

The purpose of this fine evening in any year, is not only for us as the staff and the families of these students to celebrate and acknowledge the students’ achievements, but also for the student to acknowledge and revel in their successes, it’s all about honour and validation. The graduation ceremony for the class of 2015 was held on 3 May 2016; at what was and is still undeniably one of the most outstanding venues The Dirty East aka Slum Town has to offer; The Guild Theatre. Our guest speaker on the night was the highly esteemed & acclaimed Professor Dovhani Thakhathi and our students as well as invited guests lavished in the prowess of his repertoire in rhetoric.

Although ELMI College endeavours to celebrate its students, new and old – year round; Grad night is the one night that the students and lecturers who have played a vital role in getting our graduates to this point in their academic careers can really sit back and pride themselves in the fine, unparalleled attainment of their successes.