13 April, 2018

We are all different. And sometimes the regular school system just does not fit our unique needs, personalities, and skill levels.

Let’s be honest; we aren’t all wired to sit in packed classrooms, attend sports days and cut our hair into military styles! But don’t despair, there is another way to get your national certificate. If you’re looking for a school alternative and an opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised Matric equivalent at the same time, look no further.

ELMI College offers Cambridge Assessment, a curriculum catering to a wide range of abilities and personality types. On successful completion of required subjects you are eligible to apply to SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) for a South African Senior Certificate equivalent. You’ll get your prized national certificate, but the experience will be nothing like your regular, public high school…

Here are five reasons why “school” at ELMI is different:

1.You are not just a number

At ELMI college, you’ll receive individual attention. You’re not just another one of hundreds of pupils moving through school hallways and school systems. You’re not typecast into social cliques and class levels. At ELMI, you are an individual and you matter. We’ll cater to and honour your individual skill levels, interests and personalities and give you the time and attention you need to succeed, all in a personal and welcoming setting.

2.Goodbye Uniforms

Forget scratchy green jerseys, knee-high socks, and uniformity. At ELMI college, every day is Civvies day. You can wear whatever you want and have the freedom to express yourself fully as an individual. Whether this means wearing those baggy pants, growing your hair long or wearing purple eyeshadow. Whatever floats your boat really! Go on, express yourself…


Gone are the days of rigid class schedules, subjects and thinking. The flexibility of the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE) system will expose you to a whole new way of thinking, learning, and doing. No Parroting here! Teaching will encourage you to think outside of the box and explore your own viewpoints and mindsets. You can choose from a variety of subjects that interest you most, and there are options for every skill level. Don’t like Maths or Science? No problem.

4.International Curriculum

Get your passport ready! You will be studying an international, highly accredited curriculum. CAIE is an international examining body wholly owned by the University of Cambridge and is widely recognised overseas . This means it is far easier for you to study at your dream university abroad. Hello England, Canada, or Hong Kong! Don’t want to study abroad? No problem. Cambridge Assessment is accepted at most South African universities (depending on your subject choices and grades).

5.You’re treated like an adult

You’re not 12 anymore, and you shouldn’t be treated as such. At ELMI, you’ll be working towards your national certificate at a fully-fledged college. This means more independence and freedom. We respect that you are nearing adulthood and that you have already developed your own identity and understanding of the world. And after all, we believe that with greater responsibility, comes greater maturity.

Want to obtain a National Certificate in East London in a different way? Find out more about CAIE here: https://www.elmi.co.za/cambridge-assessment-international-education/index.html