Studying at ELMI was both fun and challenging. Everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. I received a lot of encouragement from lecturers and made friends with both my lecturers and fellow students. I now look forward to progressing my career and studying further.

ELMI has given me all the tools to become a successful graphic designer, they have helped me to become the young working women I am today.

Taking nothing away from Hanri’s bubbly personality and eager-to-learn attitude, I feel ELMI has contributed to her skill set in a big way. Her knowledge of the adobe suite is top drawer! I hardly had to show her a thing! ELMI has definitely given her the best knowledge and tools to apply her trade in the design industry. Well done ELMI, keep putting ready-to-work, well equipped people into the world! Thank you for Hanri, she really is an asset to our business.

I have been delighted with the calibre, skills, maturity, and work readiness displayed by the two graduates I have employed from ELMI. There is always a risk when employing a graduate, as you have to take on the responsibility of inducting them into the formal world of work, but the ELMI graduates took the transition on with ease, and I was pleased to be managing employees rather than students! I can comfortably recommend you consider ELMI graduates that come highly rated by their Lecturers whom I trust will not refer a student not worthy of employment.

I am a first time student, studying Computer Skills and attending Saturday classes. I am enjoying each and every less and can definitely say that I have improved my computer skills and knowledge and my errors are now less. The basics are very important.

Studying through ELMI college has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made! Being with ELMI college since 2014, ELMI has really offered quality service and I have had fantastic lecturers who have really contributed in building up my confidence and have given me much input towards my career in the Financial Accounting sector. I look forward to continuing my studies through ELMI college this year and cannot wait until I graduate with my ICB Technical Financial Accounting Diploma!

The Lecturers at ELMI College were always there to help. When I struggled, I received the support I needed every time. Whilst studying at ELMI College I was able to work within the IT field successfully. To students wanting to work within the IT field, I can highly recommend studying at ELMI College. Strive to be what you want to be.

When I was studying at ELMI I enjoyed the diversity of the students in my class and being surrounded by creatives. It was completely different to school, I never liked school but I loved ELMI college. We were a tight knit class giving me a sense of home. I thought my lecturers were brilliant! All of them have their own flair and the knowledge they share with you goes beyond the syllabus but also personal experience. What I learnt at ELMI catapulted me into the working world where I could impress and go beyond the call of duty. I’d highly recommend them.

I have worked in the IT environment for many years having trained at institutions in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I was very excited when it came time to upgrade to MCSA/MCSE Server 2012 Infrastructure that I could take the course at ELMI in East London and not have to travel away from home. I was also pleased to find that Mark O’Brian would be the trainer as I had dealt with him before; knowing that he always strives to assist his students through the learning process in a professional way by bringing real world scenarios into his lectures. The other benefit of training in my home town is that my class mates and I become valuable resources to each other once the training has been concluded. Thank you ELMI.

The best part of studying at ELMI College was both the lecturers and knowledge I received. The Lecturers are able to share first hand experiences of what it is like working within the field. To students who are considering a career in IT, my advise is to study hard if IT is your passion

The best part of studying at ELMI College was the interaction in class. We were one big team and the lecturers found innovative ways to explain various IT Concepts. We often enjoyed internal LAN’s giving us a break from studying which built teamwork. If you are wanting a career in IT, study hard and pay attention in class.

When I started at ELMI I was so welcomed by the amazing lecturers/ staff members of ELMI. Everyone is always so cheerful and they honestly make you feel a part of the ELMI family. I studied Business Management through ELMI for 18 months and it has taught me so much in the working world because everything you study you use! I have learnt that through hard work and dedication to your studies and work you can achieve absolutely anything.

I chose ELMI because, I have a family and work commitments during the day which would have made full time study difficult for me and after 29 years of not studying ELMI was the perfect solution to my dilemma as they offer part time study. ELMI makes you feel special and part of a family. The staff are accommodating, motivating and encouraging. I have gained many valuable transferable skills, which can be put to use in both my everyday life and, if, I decide to take a completely different career path than the one I am in. I feel so confident and equipped. Thank You ELMI!